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Original Indian Table: A curated traditional food experience

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CropConnect develops demand driven value chain solutions in agriculture by working closely with farmers and clients. We understand the sourcing requirements of buyers looking for quality agricultural products and work with farmer groups to meet them. Such customized solutions help to increase market access of the produce, provide traceability, decrease wastage and improve farmer incomes. CropConnect believes in creating sustainable supply chains that benefit all the participants in the value chain including the environment and only works with likeminded partners.

Original Indian Table: A curated traditional food experience
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Original Indian Table

A curated traditional food experience: Reviving the traditional food and wellness experience for you. We will bring you an authentic experience sourced directly from the best farmers of India. For more information please see

Nutraceutical Ingredients

CropConnect provides nutraceutical ingredients which are made using quality farm produce. CropConnect sources farm produce directly from farmers and manufactures nutraceutical ingredients using our network of partners. CropConnect can work with farmers to grow speciality crops using specific package of practices.

Farm Market Linkages

There are significant information asymmetries between commercial buyers of farm produce and farmers. Using a network of partners CropConnect sources and processes farm produce as per the needs of the buyer. Where required, CropConnect also enables farmers to grow specific crops using appropriate package of practices to meet market demand. CropConnect is working in the Northeast States of India and is looking to expand to other states. Following are examples of business-to-customer initiatives by CCE:

Kiwifruit: CropConnect has been working since 2013 to market kiwi fruit grown by farmers in the remote North Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. CropConnect links the farmers directly to national markets by a) building farmer capacity for primary value addition such as grading and sorting at the farm gate and b) managing the entire post-harvest processing, packaging and transport operations. CropConnect is currently exploring opportunities for secondary processing of kiwifruits.

Ginger: CropConnect is engaging with farmers to grow export variety of ginger for domestic and international markets. It has partnered with global buyers and technical experts to bring international best practice in growing and post harvest technology to the ginger value chain.


Consulting Services and Training

CropConnect provides customized consulting services to funds, international financial institutions, enterprises, Government and donors working on sustainable and organic agriculture and with farmer producer organizations (FPOs). The CropConnect team’s strength lies in feasibility analysis, strategy, project design and implementation, business plan development, marketing, finance, accounting and MIS systems, valuations and development of investment vehicles/instruments. Where required, CropConnect leverages its wider network of consultants and partners to deliver assignments. The CropConnect team has worked on projects with The World Bank, KFW, NABARD, StartUp! and Center for Education and Communication (CEC)

CropConnect also develops customized training solutions for FPOs. It recently developed a training module for FPOs to introduce farmers to the key financial statements and help them develop a business financial model using a case study approach.


Ishira Mehta

Ishira Mehta has over 10 years of operational experience in building sustainable supply chains that link corporates to local farmers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). She also has extensive experience in advising farmer producer organizations (FPOs) and inclusive businesses that impact the base of the pyramid.

Prior to starting CropConnect, Ishira worked at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank Group for over 6 years. During this period, she worked on multi-million dollar sustainable supply chain projects in the agriculture, forestry and extractive industries in India and Africa and also led IFC’s work in the inclusive and innovative business sector in South Asia. Ishira has worked with the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) on slum development and microfinance in the past and has a MPA in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School and a M.Sc. in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Puneet Jhajharia

Puneet Jhajharia the co-founder of CropConnect Enterprises has extensive experience working with small businesses in the agri and artisan sectors. Puneet has also been working with several NGOs to advise them and their farmer organizations on financial management and business strategy.

Puneet started the India office of the Grassroots Business Fund (‘GBF’) in March 2009 and led the India office till December 2012. At GBF Puneet invested in 6 social enterprises and represented GBF on the Board of most of these companies. In addition to the 6 enterprises the Puneet reviewed over 50 social enterprises across various industries - agriculture, livelihoods, energy, water, financial services, and healthcare. Prior to GBF, Puneet worked as Vice President of Technology at Goldman Sachs, New York. Puneet holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell University, and an M.B.A. from New York University.

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